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About Us

HawkBridge was established in 1991 as a specialist CA 2E consulting practice servicing global clients with onsite resources for development, maintenance and training engagements. In the late 1990's the practice grew in size and focused on delivering outsourced support and development projects for a number of large clients across Australia which gradually expanded to include clients in Asia, the Americas and Europe.

The mid-2000's saw the loss of business to the growing demand for India as the supplier for outsourced CA 2E resources and HawkBridge could no longer compete in that market with its Australian workforce. We gradually scaled down our business to match the drop in the demand for our support services based in Australia - until there was literally one man standing.

Today, HawkBridge is focused on using the wealth of expert knowledge, skills and experiences gained over more than 20 years of consulting, research and development. We deliver unique products and services that solve our clients more complex CA model based development environment problems which creates lasting substantial improvements in developer productivity and environment assurance.

As clients realise the value from having their development and maintenance service providers close by, HawkBridge has re-entered the market providing services to design, develop, support and maintain business applications using model based development tools.

We are passionate about the CA 2E and Plex model based development tools. Our active involvement in user events around the globe since 1991 has allowed us to share our knowledge and experience with the broader community of developers. Our involvement in these global events has created a large following of friends and supporters who inspire us to push the boundaries of the CA 2E and Plex tools with new service offerings and products.

We continue to operate from Melbourne, Australia and have formed strong partnerships with ISA in Auckland, New Zealand and ADC in Austin, Texas to assist us in delivering our products and services to a wider market.

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