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Freedom/ERwin Product

Freedom/ERwin provides a convenient method of transferring data model information from CA 2E data models to CA ERwin data models where a picture conveys a thousand words.

Freedom/ERwin the CA 2E to CA ERwin ERD integration tool

Easily Understand Complex CA 2E Database Relationships

In the past developers have had to manually reconstruct the database relationships in visual tools from their own perception of the text based language. It was prone to error, resource intensive, and not easily reproduced. Freedom/ERwin provides an efficient and effective means of visualising CA 2E database relationships.

Industry Leading Solution

CA ERwin provides a powerful tool for designing databases that is the leading industry solution for logical and physical data modeling. It help you visualize data structures to facilitate the organization, management and moderation of data complexities, database technologies and the deployment environment.

Logical and Physical Data Models

CA ERwin supports both logical and physical data models. Freedom/ERwin will export the long 25 character names for the logical data model and the implementation names for the physical data model. Switching between the two within CA ERwin is as simple as clicking a button on the toolbar.

Export of Implementation Details

Freedom/ERwin allows the export of the implementation names of files, fields and access paths into the physical data model within CA ERwin.

Generate Databases

CA ERwin is not only a design tool, it is a powerful database development tool providing automatic generation of tables, stored procedures and trigger code for leading databases. For those organisations that have developed their own data warehouse, then this tool could provide the link between your OLTP and OLAP database applications.

Scalable Enterprise Solution

CA ERwin provides model management features that allow for the sharing of design information across your organisation thereby maximising your development productivity.

Flexible Command Interface

Freedom/Erwin is IBM System i command based providing the flexibility for it to be:

  1. Submitted to batch,
  2. Run interactively,
  3. Included on your own menus, or
  4. Run as part of your normal change management procedures.

Single Non-Tier Based Licence

Freedom/ERwin only requires a single non-tier based licence that is installed on the IBM System i. There are NO PC client side licence fees which mean a single purchase for an IBM System i can be used by any number of developers.

Simple and Easy to Use

Freedom/ERwin automatically converts CA 2E data models into CA ERwin data models in three simple steps.

  1. Run the Create ERwin ERD (HCRTERWERD) command to generate a physical file containing the exported XML,
  2. Transfer the physical file to the IFS or your PC, and
  3. Open the XML file directly in CA ERwin without the need to use any other intermediate tools.

Value for Money

Freedom/ERwin is very competitively priced with a single flat fee for any model IBM System i server.

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