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Freedom/Help Product

Freedom/Help provides a convenient method for business users of CA 2E generated applications to maintain and generate the associated help objects without entering a CA 2E data model.

Freedom/Help the CA 2E Text Editor and Help Generator extension tool

Simple and Easy to Use

Application users do not have to learn and understand how to use the complexities of CA 2E in order to edit and generate help objects. It also allows the maintenance of CA 2E help objects to be performed by non-development team members, thus freeing up valuable development staff for more appropriate tasks.

Maintain Security of Data Model

CA 2E data models should be secured from unauthorised access to ensure that the integrity of the data model is retained. The *USER class authority to a data model is all that is required to use the Freedom/Help to edit and generate help objects. These users do not have the authority to enter the data model normally and make changes.

Single Non-Tier Based Licence

Freedom/Help only requires a single non-tier based licence that is installed on the IBM System i. There are NO PC client side licence fees which mean a single purchase for an IBM System i can be used by any number of developers.

Value for Money

Freedom/Help is very competitively priced with a single flat fee for any model IBM System i server.

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