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Use Freedom/Pre-Compiler Basic version for FREE!

Freedom/Pre-Compiler Product

Freedom/Pre-Compiler enables fine tuning of the generated object source prior to compilation with script based language for performing common tasks such as scanning, updating, inserting and deleting source lines.

Freedom/Pre-Compiler the CA 2E pre-compile processor tool

FREE basic version available

The basic version of Freedom/Pre-Compiler is available free of any charges for anyone to use. Limitations in functionality apply:

  1. Only the source member pre-compile directive can invoke Freedom/Pre-Compiler,
  2. Only the first 9 commands per group can be processed,
  3. Shareware comments are generated into source members, and
  4. Include and Execute pre-compiler commands are ignored.

Automatically apply consistent changes to generated source

The need for changing generated source will always be present and ensuring that the changes are consistently applied through an automatic compile pre-processing tool increases productivity and reduces errors.

Granular and conditional processing of source lines

Source member level tools such as YSCNRPLSRC cannot be used to conditionally process source lines based on the sequence of certain criteria across multiple source lines. Freedom/Pre-Compiler steps through the source member line by line and can provide granular processing not capable with other techniques.

Invoke OS/400 commands

The capabilities of Freedom/Pre-Compiler can be easily extended through the ability to invoke any valid OS/400 command.

Invoke pre-compiler for any compiled objects

The standard CA 2E exit program interface allows Freedom/Pre-Compiler to be invoked when any valid object is compiled from source including programs, device files, database files and commands.

Associate pre-compiler commands with any function

Using EXCUSRSRC functions to specify the pre-compiler directive source line statement allows the EXCUSRSRC function to be inserted into any action diagram including internal database functions. Whenever the internal database function is generated the associated pre-compiler directive will be included in the generated source and processed.

Supports all CA 2E execution modes

CA 2E provides six exit points for invoking user defined pre-compile and post-compile processing. Freedom/Pre-Compiler can be invoked in all six exit points:

  1. Global pre-compile exit program,
  2. Source member pre-compile exit program,
  3. Source member pre-compile directive,
  4. Source member post-compile directive,
  5. Source member post-compile exit program, and
  6. Global post-compile exit program.

Wide selection of pre-compiler script commands

Freedom/Pre-Compiler provides a script based language with 20 pre-compile commands for performing common tasks such as conditionally scanning, updating, inserting and deleting source lines.

Single Non-Tier Based Licence

Freedom/Pre-Compiler only requires a single non-tier based licence that is installed on the IBM System i. There are NO PC client side licence fees which mean a single purchase for an IBM System i can be used by any number of developers.

Value for Money

Freedom/Pre-Compiler is very competitively priced with a single flat fee for any model IBM System i server.

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