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Freedom/Plex Product

Freedom/Plex provides a convenient method of transferring data model information from CA 2E data models to CA Plex data models where applications can be generated for multiple target platforms.

Freedom/Plex the CA 2E to CA Plex ERD integration tool

Natural Path for Migration

CA Plex is the natural path for migration for many CA 2E users as CA Plex is based on similar concepts of data modeling and was built by the same organisation that built CA 2E.

Copy Data Objects to CA Plex

Freedom/Plex provides a method of copying the application areas, files, fields, relations, conditions, access paths, arrays, and messages from a CA 2E data model into CA Plex.

Supports Co-existence

Freedom/Plex is designed to support a co-existence strategy with CA 2E and CA Plex. This release of Freedom/Plex will allow you to export CA 2E data objects and import them into CA Plex. Changes to specific objects can then be re-exported without the need to export the whole model across into CA Plex. The model object list you use to manage your changes in CA 2E can be used to create the import file for CA Plex. CA 2E remains the master model and all changes can be copied across to the CA Plex model.

Uses CA Plex Patterns

Freedom/Plex has been designed to work with the CA Plex pattern libraries thereby providing you the greatest opportunities to enhance and extend your CA 2E generated applications.

Preserve Your Investment

Migrating to CA Plex provides a means of preserving your investment made in CA 2E. For some organisations this could equate to 100+ man years of business logic development and many millions of dollars in investment.

Increase Productivity

Developers increase their productivity in CA Plex where inheritance and patterns provide a level of abstraction not possible in CA 2E.

Business Logic Portability

CA Plex also enables applications to be generated for a greater number of target platforms providing portability for business logic.

Flexible Command Interface

Freedom/Plex is IBM System i command based providing the flexibility for it to be:

  1. Submitted to batch,
  2. Run interactively,
  3. Included on your own menus, or
  4. Run as part of your normal change management procedures.

Simple and Easy to Use

Freedom/Plex automatically converts CA 2E data models into CA Plex data models in three simple steps.

  1. Run the Create Plex ERD Import File (HCRTPLXERD) command to generate a physical file containing the exported XML,
  2. Transfer the physical file to the IFS or your PC, and
  3. Import the XML file directly in CA Plex without the need to use any other intermediate tools.

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